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Going on dates is super normal any other day of the week, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day it seems impossible to figure out a way to change your already regular (or maybe not) and turn it into an extra special night. No need to worry now, because I have compiled a list of the top 10 date ideas you can do this year!


  1. Virtual Cocktail Night

Now I know you’ve gotta be 21+ for this one, but this is an amazing option if you are in a state like California where COVID is still surging and things opening up are looking slim to none. A virtual cocktail night for you and your partner can be a fun way to enjoy having a drink by learning how to make fun Valentine’s Day themed cocktails that you are your partner will LOVE! 


You can take what you learn from the class and show off your new drink making skills when you have company over. Who knows, you could be known as the next mixologist?!?!



I love glamping. And no I did not say camping! I am much more of a glamping kind of girl. You can pack up a meal, some cozy clothes, drinks, and drive away to a place where you and your partner can sit by a fire and enjoy unplugging just for a night.  Not only is this idea romantic, but it gives the both of your time away from society, to be with each other for one night, no phones, just enjoying each others company. Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about anyways?


  1. Go on a hike

This idea coincides with glamping. Right now more than ever we need ways to connect with others, and going on a hike with your significant other not only is a great workout but a great way for each of you to spend quality time together connecting with nature. Try going to a place neither of you have gone before to make the day that much more special. Maybe it could be your new favorite place to get active for the day?


  1. Take a mini-getaway

I think at this point we ALL NEED a getaway. Even though we can’t enjoy vacation like we usually do, going on a mini-getaway even a few hours away can feel like a break from the same four walls you need a break from after all of this time at home quarantining. I know I could use a little getaway. There are SO many Airbnb experiences out there that I have saved that I want to experience. A night in the desert. A night on the beach. A night in a tree house. There are endless possibilities. So don’t let your special day go to waste because it feels like the world around us is closing in lately. 



Okay so this one is sorta my fave. Why do you ask? Well because it is a night that could be FULL of laughter. I used to love going out to the karaoke bar and having a drink with the girls and singing our HEARTS OUT. This could be the most fun you have singing along, together, or rolling on the floor laughing listening to your partner sing the lyrics to a 2000s throwback. So sip your white claw, and SING BABY SING!


  1. Go on a take out tour

Okay so this one is a bit like a game. What you’ll do is each order one thing (that’s obviously your favorite) from different restaurants and drive around and go pick each item up and bring them home to piece together your 7 course Valentine’s Dinner. What better way to have all the food you want by touring each restaurant and only getting their best dish. This is the perfect chance to really see what your partner thinks is the best dish at each restaurant and then you can rate each other’s options that you chose. Make the night light and fun and take the stress out of feeling like the night has to be perfect!


  1. Movie Marathon

You usually wouldn’t consider this a Valentines Day date idea. But I love this one. Pick a movie series and binge it all night together while you snuggle. This date is perfect for the homebodies who just like a cozy night at home in their jammies. There are so many movie marathons out there to choose from. There is The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Twilight Saga, John Wick, The Maze Runner, James Bond, and so many more! You’ll have to tell me in the comment section below what your favorite movie series is. As always I am a die hard Harry Potter fan, even though I recently binged the Star Wars series with my spouse because well REN!


  1. Create Vision Boards

What a great way to bond over envisioning your future together by making vision boards. Or even better goal planning. What do you plan on accomplishing this year? Mentally,physically, financially, spiritually, relationships, friendships. This is a really great way to define what you want out of this year, the next five years, and maybe even where you see yourself in the next 10 years. Planning actionable goals you can achieve together is a great way to spend the night with a bit of champagne and a classic movie playing in the background. I found that Canva ( is the best way I can make vision boards now because I can easily save it to my phone and desktop and look at my goals every single day. How do you like to create your vision board?


  1. Go on a virtual tour

These options have been popping up everywhere. You can go online now and purchase a tour in Dublin, Rome, you name it,they’ve got tours now. If you want to spend the night at home this is a great way to see places you’ve always wanted to visit by a local. Maybe you’ll finally go on a trip to London after all once you go on a virtual tour, you’ll get all the insight from a local and you might even be able to find deals to afford the trip of your dreams once it’s safe to travel!


  1.  Home COOK-OFF

I know my man and I are C O M P E T I T I V E. I say that loudly because I swear even when we aren’t trying we always compete for something. It is just in our nature. But what a fun way to make the night special by trying to out-do your partner with your special dish. You could always “cheat” and order a Hello Fresh box and leave the planning behind and make the perfect meal by choosing from their menu and the box is delivered right to your DOOR!

I hope you enjoyed these 10 INSANELY cute Valentines Day date night ideas that do not fall short of special. Doing any one of these is sure to be a good night. Let me know if you ended up choosing to do any of these activities and how your night turned out. I would love to know!

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