Lucia Amauri

Lucia Amauri

6 Work From Home Outfit Trends – 2020

Who Said Loungewear Is Boring?

Staying at home can be boring, but the time to channel your inner fashionista is now! A cute stay-at-home outfit can boost your mood and may also make you look cuter for your zoom meeting.

The next time you find yourself window-shopping online, invest in some stay-at-home pieces that will help you make a statement. Loungewear is versatile and may hold a different meaning ranging from person to person. However, at the end of the day, comfort takes the crown.

Hopping on the New Trend

The year 2020 has been a difficult one and comfort has been one of our saviors. Fashion is having an affair with loungewear but people have added their own creativity to this game. From styling super luxe looking silk pants to hoodies with stunning fabrics. All these looks are chic and undeniably classy.

Looking for a few items that look upscale and are comfy as well? The hunt for outfits that look good and feel good continues. However, we’ve compiled a few tips that will help you stylishly ace the existing items in your closet without stepping out of your comfort zone.

It’s time to evolve from the sloppy work-from-home outfits to sleek ones that make a statement with these tips.

Eat, Sleep, Sweatpants, Repeat

Amidst this pandemic, not being in sweatpants feels a little odd. While you’ve been rocking your pair of sweats all seven days a week, who said sweatpants were limited to the bedroom only? Elevate your look by pairing your sweatpants with the perfect accessories. Style them with cropped tops in various ways like cinched at the waist. Make your dull everyday outfit more interesting.

Pair it with your favorite leather jacket for that edgy look or a top with embellishments. Opt for buttery yellows to peach tones, because nothing matches a pricey and posh look than a head-to-toe pastel outfit. Don’t be shy to experiment, mix, and match with textures and tones of the same shade to keep your look interesting. Bring out your silk and satin fabrics to add a high-quality touch to your fits. Add a statement gold chain to make any look turn extra chic!

Pair them with preppy loafers or pointed high heels for a relaxed or elegant look.


The athleisure trend has taken the world by storm and we’re here for it! You may look like you’re heading to the gym for an active workout with your sports-inspired look. Mix and match your favorite activewear. Top the look off with some minimal yet classy accessories. Add your personal touch to the sleek, athletic vibe as you merge your personal style with it.

When you’re at home, comfort is the priority. Style your sports bra or your favorite leggings with your favorite crop top, and the possibilities are endless.

Vacay Vibes (At Home)

Look graceful, sassy, and 100% comfy! Experiment with vibrant and bold tropical prints that make you feel like you’re enjoying vacation while being at home. Embrace comfort as you pull out these summer dresses that you planned to wear outside. Your vivid summer dresses now have a whole new purpose.

Vintage Yet Casual

Vintage never goes out of style! Bring out that vintage-band t-shirt you’ve always loved. If you swear by oversized tees, then pair them with your favorite shorts or leggings to complete the look. You can also experiment with different patterns to elevate your look. Add some golden hoops and necklaces to jazz up your outfit.

Experiment with silky wide-leg pants and pajama bottoms, add a little sheen to your ensemble. Pair it with a comfortable button down for a rich yet relaxed laid-back look.

Serious Work Outfit

It’s all fun and games until PJs, but they suck out all the productivity from you. If you don’t feel inspired in your daily PJs, then you need to revamp your style. A cami dress might just become your new WFH staple. It feels comfy like sleepwear, but it’s classy as well. Appropriate for video calls and extremely adorable for Instagram. You can mix into styles from polka dots to stripes, there are so many cute designs out there to explore.

Style it with the vibe you’re going for. Throw your hair in a bun for that elegant office outfit or embrace the comfort for a pajama-like fit.

Blazer it!

Pair your outfit with neutral hues. Opt for an oversized blazer with a pair of sweat. Add in a few gold chains and rings to accentuate your look. Channel the inner boss as you rock this look.

Play it safe and match it with a pair of joggers or balance out the casual with some sharp heels. From simple to classy in just a few steps.

Exude a relaxed sophistication that takes your loungewear game to another level.

The Final Verdict

One should never underestimate the power of comfortable loungewear. Sometimes a nicely styled loungewear can bring out the fashion blogger in you with your creativity. If you’ve never experimented with your pajama-look, then what better time than now?

Sweatpants have redeemed their brand from sloppy and laid back to these ultra-comfy yet gorgeous fits. If you were curious about how to make your loungewear look high-end, we hope these tips will inspire you to style your comfy clothes to make them look boujee in a snap.

Keep an eye out for these elevated details when you shop for loungewear the next time. WFH is just an excuse; this is a glow up you need to try.

So if you were curious about how girls make loungewear look so high-end and upscale so easily, the answer lies in how they style it. Sweatpants may look boring in everyday life, but pairing it with a blazer, heels and a chunky necklace makes you look classy in no time.

Once you realize how easy it is to look chic in these comfortable pieces, we bet you won’t be able to go back to jeans. Comfortable loungewear is definitely going to surpass the boundaries of home and we can’t wait to see it become the new norm.

Leave a comment below if you have tried any of these outfits or need help styling one of these pieces to your body type. I’d be happy to help !


Lucia Amauri

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